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I think the last thing I needed at 2am was the revelation of people making “Polyplatonic” a thing.

It’s called “having friends,” you assclowns. It isn’t a new concept, it isn’t queer or anywhere close to it, and we certainly don’t need a new word to describe it.

Just shut up, close your browser, and do something else. How about instead of looking for godawful terms to describe your circle of friends, you, I don’t fuckin’ know, maybe hang out with them?

Heh. Always fun when people miss the point.

It’s about holding people to the same standard when it comes to spouting bullshit. You don’t play preference because someone might be “venting”, and there isn’t such a thing “reverse -ism” because it’s still that exact same -ism. Venting isn’t tagging your garbage so others will see it, nor is sending people hate mail. That’s just being deliberately shitty. Like, beat up a weeble or get your anger out in a video game instead of directing it at other people or something.

Anyways, I’m just gonna get some sleep. Long day, still sick, not gonna reblog them, don’t need to engage some nerd who will willingly disregard my posts and keep me up. No use conversing with someone who reblogs a text post as a link anyway.




egalitarianism is the deliberate, and oftentimes benign, silencing of an oppressed group in order to maintain the social hegemony

egalitarianism is being cognizant of the fact that there are social inequities and choosing to aid both sides with the same vigor

egalitarianism is an ideology that perpetuates oppression by doing nothing to reduce the chasm that lies between two social groups

That…. The fact that tumblr is creating a mentality that sees egalitarianism as a bad thing worries me. 


Also awesome because the person has no idea what egalitarianism actually is, just what feminism wishes it was. Yes, addressing everyone’s problems is terrible. Only women’s problems should be addressed. Anything less than female exceptionalism is misogyny. Right?




Of course SJWs have an issue with losing their special treatment. Once you get used to not being racist because you’re black, or unable to be sexist because you’re a woman, it’s a grievous insult to be told “No, you’re capable of it too.” That’s why the SJWs dislike the RSJ crowd, egalitarianism, and complete equality. Losing their get-out-of-ism-free cards scares them.

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i really don’t get the whole “but how will we explain it to my kids" claim about like public nursing or gay couples

little kids are nearly blank slates they will accept pretty much anything you tell them and go with it.

unless it’s quantum physics. please do not talk to your 4-year-old about that.

yes they might get shot by will smith


I feel like we never really hear from the MIB fandom, it’s good to see you


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why do ppl think fog is so scary???? its literally like clouds came down to hug the earth thats cute

have you ever played silent hill mate 

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